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1 put out or expel from a place; "The child was expelled from the classroom" [syn: expel, chuck out, exclude, throw out, kick out, turf out, boot out, turn out]
2 eliminate (substances) from the body [syn: discharge, expel, release]
3 leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule
4 cause to come out in a squirt; "the boy squirted water at his little sister" [syn: squirt, force out, squeeze out]

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e-, ex-, out + iactus, perfect passive participle of iacere, to throw


  • (verb, noun: button): ĭ-jĕktʹ, /ɪˈdʒɛkt/, /I"dZEkt/
  • (noun: psychological sense): ēʹjĕkt, /ˈiːdʒɛkt/, /"i:dZEkt/
  • Rhymes: -ɛkt


  1. To force (a person or persons) to leave.
    The man started a fight and was ejected from the bar.
    Andrew was ejected from his apartment for not paying the rent.
  2. To be thrown out violently.
    In other news, a Montreal man was ejected from his car when he was involved in an accident.
  3. To compel (a sports player) to leave the field because of inappropriate behaviour.
  4. To cause (something) to come out of a machine.
    Press that button to eject the video tape.
  5. To project oneself from an aircraft.
    The pilot lost control of the plane and had to eject.
  6. To come out of a machine.
    I can't get this cassette to eject.


Derived terms


compel to leave
  • Finnish: poistaa, häätää
  • Kurdish:
be thrown out violently
compel (a sports player) to leave the field
cause (something) to come out of a machine
  • Finnish: poistaa
project oneself from an aircraft
come out of a machine


eject (not used in the plural)
  1. A button on a machine that causes something to be ejected from the machine.
    When the tape stops, press eject.

Usage notes

  • Eject in this sense is used without an article, and is often capitalised ("press EJECT") as it is marked on many such buttons, or enclosed in quotation marks ("press 'eject' ").


  1. (by analogy with subject and object) an inferred object of someone else's consciousness

Extensive Definition

Ejection and ejecting can refer to the following:

Accidents and Safety

  • Ejection seat, safety device typically used to escape an aircraft in-flight
  • To be forcefully thrown from a moving vehicle, such as in a car accident


  • Ejection (sports), the act of removing a player or team official from a game, usually for misconduct or other rules violation or for fighting.

Medicine and Science

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abrupt, abstract, alienate, axe, belch, blow open, blow out, boot out, bounce, break out, bump, burst forth, burst out, cashier, cast, cast off, cast out, charge, chase, chuck, chuck out, clear, clear away, clear out, clear the decks, cock, cut adrift, cut off, cut out, debar, defenestrate, delete, depart, deport, detonate, detrude, disarticulate, disbar, discard, discharge, disconnect, disengage, disgorge, disjoin, disjoint, dismiss, displace, dispose of, dispossess, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, drive off, drive out, drop, drum out, elide, eliminate, emit, eradicate, eruct, erupt, estrange, evict, exclude, exile, expatriate, expel, extravasate, extrude, exude, fell, fire, fire off, force out, get quit of, get rid of, get shut of, give the hook, gun, gun for, heave out, hit, hurl forth, isolate, jettison, junk, kick downstairs, kick out, lay off, leave, let fly, let off, liquidate, load, make redundant, obtrude, ooze, oust, out, outlaw, part, pelt, pepper, pick off, pick out, pistol, plug, pot, potshoot, potshot, prime, pull away, pull back, pull out, purge, put out, reject, remove, repudiate, riddle, root out, root up, rout, rule out, run off, sack, segregate, send forth, send out, send packing, separate, sequester, set apart, set aside, shed, shoot, shoot at, shoot down, show, shut off, shut out, snipe, spew, split, spout, spurn, stand aloof, stand apart, stand aside, step aside, strike, strike off, strike out, subtract, take a potshot, throw away, throw off, throw out, throw over, throw overboard, throw up, thrust out, torpedo, toss out, turn out, uncouple, unyoke, vomit, vomit forth, weed out, withdraw
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